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We are currently at the Green readiness level

Last updated: 7th September 2021


1st Finchampstead Scout Group is following the Government’s guidance, plus specific restart requirements from The Scout Association (TSA) and the National Youth Agency (NYA). TSA and NYA have implemented a readiness rating that defines what activities may take place at each level. There’s much more detail available at, but in essence it is:


Digital-only meetings


Blended model of digital plus small group sessions (indoors and outdoors)


Blended model of digital plus small group sessions (indoors and outdoors). Camping allowed within your home country (i.e. England).


All activities can resume in line with government guidance. We would expect digital meetings to cease.

The Scout Association’s guidance

TSA’s guidance is based on the following principles:

The Covid Code

In order to get back together safely, TSA has created the Covid Code for sections to follow. This requires:

  1. A COVID-safe risk assessment has been completed and we have communicated control measures to volunteers, young people and parents. All are encouraged to raise concerns.
  2. Additional hygiene measures are in place.
  3. Social Distancing will be observed where possible.
  4. Maximum group sizes will be limited and determined by TSA.
  5. Make adjustments for young people and adults vulnerable or affected by COVID, and consult to make sure return plans are accessible and inclusive.

What is currently permitted?

With current guidance, at the Green rating our permitted activities are as follows:

What does this mean for our Group?

Sections will be running indoor and outdoor meetings.

Finchbase (the hut) will shortly be back in operation and available for meetings. Sections still need to ensure that they are conducting meetings in a Covid-safe way. Hygeine stations are in place at entrances and we encourage all visitors to Finchbase to sanitise as they arrive and leave.

If you have any concerns about a return to indoor meetings, please contact the Group Scout Leader –

More resources:

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This is targeted at adult volunteers, but includes the guidance and latest readiness update.

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