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District Cub Scout Chess Tournament 22nd November 2008

1st Finchampstead hosted the District Chess Tournament for Cub
Scouts today. Cub Scouts from around the District took part and all had
an enjoyable and hard fought day. The results of the tournament are
below – congratulations to 1st Woosehill who had a clean sweep of the
podium positions.

Place Name Pack Score    
1-3 Megan Coutts 1st Woosehill Hawks 5.5    
Mikey Anniss 1st Woosehill Hawks 5.5
Sam Southan 1st Woosehill Kestrels 5.5
4-5 JakeTaylor 1st Finchampstead Badgers 5
Ben Lewis 1st Woosehill Kestrels 5
6-7 Sam Warren 1st Finchampstead Badgers 4.5
Mark Ellis 1st Woosehill Hawks 4.5
8-9 Rowan Jolliffe 1st Finchampstead Leopards 4
Will Churcher 4th Wokingham 4
10-15 Harry Fox 1st Swallowfield 3.5
  Perry Knight 1st Finchampstead Leopards 3.5    
  Tristan Fancourt 4th Wokingham 3.5    
  James McGonigle 4th Wokingham 3.5    
  Peter Smart 1st Finchampstead Badgers 3.5    
  Mark Morgan 1st Swallowfield 3.5    
16-18 Liam Collier 1st Finchampstead Badgers 3    
  Alex Clark 1st Finchampstead Leopards 3    
  Marcus Tait 1st Woosehill Kestrels 3    
19-21 Mark de Quidt 1st Finchampstead Leopards 2.5    
  Tim Robertson 4th Wokingham 2.5    
  Simon Martin 1st Finchampstead Leopards 2.5    
22-23 Sam Anderson 1st Woosehill Hawks 2    
  Max Brown 1st Woosehill Kestrels 2    
24 Jack Clough 1st Finchampstead Leopards 1.5    
25 Thomas Dillamore 1st Finchampstead Leopards 1    
26 Adam Oliver 1st Finchampstead Leopards 0.5