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Scouts: Crazy Nite Hike MORE DETAILS – Updated 4th Feb!

The Crazy Nite Hike is our annual extravaganza for Scouts, taking the entire evening of Friday 13th February (spooky time the Leaders have picked) to navigate your way around a series of interesting incidents. Expect to start around the normal meeting time, but to finish late, (or very late – how good is your Patrol’s navigation skills).

For Goldfinch, this take place instead of the normal Thursday meeting this week – for Greenfinch, it’s at the same start time as usual.



Hello all,

very special time of the year has come Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you
have all been waiting for! It’s the (cue big font)…



those who might not know, the Crazy Night Hike is a long-held Finch tradition of
taking part in a special night hike around the Finchampstead area filled with
challenges and games around the walk. It is an excellent opportunity for the
scouts to get a taste for the fun and frolics of camp, and also good fun to do
something a bit more active than we can do in the group meetings.

This year in celebration of the return of Comic Relief, we are having a
comedy theme for the night – a "save Africa" theme might be a little tricky and
we don’t want a soppy Valentine night!

would be great to get as many as possible along for the night, and is a chance
for both troops to show their comedy, wit and athletic prowess too – there’ll
be extra points for any very witty (but not rude!) jokes told to the leaders on
the bases as well as the games and challenges.

grab your torches and don your Tommy Cooper fez and get on down to Finchbase on
the Friday the 13th of
at 7.30pm – parents are
quite welcome to help if they fancy playing compare for the night. We should be
finished by 11.00 pm at the latest.

Kitlist :

Torch, waterproof, hot drink, emergency
rations, warm clothes

Your "hilarious" "comedy genius",

Ali Stock