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Disclosure and Barring Service

What do I need to do?

There are two ways for you to complete a DBS Disclosure check as shown below. You may find that the first process is the quickest and most straightforward to complete.

  1. Meet with your line manager, or nominee, somewhere with access to the internet and Atlantic Data. Make sure you have your ID documents with you as well.
  2. Your line manager or nominee enters your ID information directly into Atlantic Data.
  3. You then enter your address history into Atlantic Data and submit the information. Once submitted your part of the process is complete.


  1. Complete the paper ID Checking Form with another member who has a valid disclosure check.
  2. The ID Checking Form is passed to your line manager, or nominee, who enters the ID information into Atlantic Data.
  3. Atlantic Data will send you an email asking you to complete your information, including address history. Once submitted, your part of the process is complete.

If you require further advice on the Disclosure process, please speak with the GSL.