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Disclosure and Barring Service

What do I need to do?

  1. Meet with the Group Scout Leader (GSL) or DBS administrator, somewhere with access to the internet. Make sure you have:
    • Your ID documents. Usually this means:
      • Passport
      • Driving licence
      • Bank or Council tax statement
    • National Insurance number
    • Last 5 years of addresses.
  2. The GSL / DBS admin starts the DBS process in Atlantic Data.
  3. You enter your personal information, confirm all the data is correct, and submit the information.

In about a week (on average) the process will be complete with a disclosure response. If you require further advice on the Disclosure process, please speak with the GSL.

Unless you’re applying as an Occasional Helper, please ensure your personal details are up-to-date in Compass. If these are incorrect or you don’t have a login yet, the GSL can adjust them for while we process the DBS application.