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Online Scout Manager

Online Scout Manager (OSM) is the system 1st Finchampstead use for organising the term’s programme, member record keeping, tracking Scout badge progress, and generally managing sections.

As a leader, or an adult volunteer with section administration responsibilities, you’ll be given a login for OSM once you’ve completed a DBS check.

Please log in at

We encourage you to enable Two Factor Authentication for maximum security. See Settings –> Account Details from within OSM to activate this.

Inviting parents to use OSM


This will take you to the Send Email screen.

You can use this to send any email to your chosen parents/carers and members. All of the email addresses will be pre-populated, based on your previous selection in Members -> Personal Details.

To invite to OSM, use ‘Special content/mail merge‘ to pick one of the templates. This will send an email to parents/carers with their unique private link, giving them access to OSM.

How do I control what’s in this special content?

Set up your default templates in Settings -> Parent Portal Settings -> Emails.

The you’ll be able to edit the template that’s used for invites.

Any changes you make to this email template will be automaticaly saved.

Parent Portal configuration

You can set a message for parents to see when they log into OSM here:  Settings -> Parent Portal Settings.

You can see if parents have been able to access OSM here: Section Admin -> Parent Portal Logins.