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Online Scout Manager

If you don’t have a login for OSM, please contact your section leader

Online Scout Manager is the tool leaders use to manage Scout sections. Here, parents can see the weekly programme, events, payments and their child’s badge progress. It can also be used to access discount codes for companies sponsoring Scout activities.

Parents are invited to join Online Scout Manager via an e-mail from the section leaders. Parents can create an account which can be used to access details for all their children’s details within the 1st Finchampstead Group. You can have one account for all your children at 1st Finchampstead, just select the child’s name in the top right hand corner.

Once you log in you’ll see the the Noticeboard, plus a menu:




A page used by Scout leaders to provide static notices to parents


Parents can pay for activities & events using direct debit triggered through Online Scout Manager. Historic and future direct debit payments for activities & events can be seen in the portal.


Parents can see information about and sign their children up to activities that are not normally a part of the weekly programme. such as hikes and camps.


The programme for the term is shown here. It will also be pulled from here into the 1st Finchampstead website and be shown on your child’s section pages. A downloadable programme with links for parents to volunteer for specific evenings, plus you can now also subscribe to the calendar in your own calendar app using a personalised link.


A pictorial view of all the badges that your Scout has earned or is working towards, along with the position it should be sewn onto the uniform. You can click on badges to identify the elements that need to be completed before the badge can be issued. Scouts can then complete these items at home in some cases.


A copy of all emails seen via Online Scout Manager can be seen in the portal. If you can’t find an elusive email, try looking here instead.

Parents can access Online Scout Manager at the following address: – there’s also a link at the bottom of our website, Online Scout Manager, which will get you to the the website.