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Risk Management and Insurance

The Group takes our responsibilities and risk management seriously. These are the current risk assessments for our buildings.

Finchbase (California Country Park)

Risk Assessment

Last updated: 23rd March 2020

Asbestos report

Last updated: 3rd April 2019

Fire Extinguisher certificate

Last updated: November 2019

Portable Applicance testing

Last updated: 25th May 2021

Stores (Longwater Lane)

The risk assessments and reports for this building are pending.

Last updated: 29th September 2020


Personal Accident Insurance

The Scout Association’s standard insurance

All members and future members of the Scouts whose units are recorded at UK Headquarters are covered for Personal Accident and Medical Expenses as a result of an accident which arises whilst you are travelling to, participating in, or travelling home from any authorised Scout activity.

This cover includes all Leaders and Executive members who are recorded on Compass.

The schedule of Benefits is listed here:

Additional insurances

Occasional Helpers Cover

This is provided by Wokingham District Scouts. For those who don’t appear in the annual census of members, including parent/carer helpers.

Children’s Cover

This is provided by Berkshire County Scouts. For those who attend meetings with a parent or carer but are not members of Scouting.

Trustees Insurance

This is provided by The Scout Association for all Executive members registered on Compass.  Further information is available at

Public Liability Insurance

This is provided by The Scout Association through Unity Insurance, for all Scout Groups. See this page for further details: