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Waiting List

1st Finchampstead Scout Group is popular and we maintain a waiting list of those children wishing to join. This policy sets out how current and prospective child members are able to join and move on within the Group.

1) After submission of a joining application, the child’s details will be placed on our waiting list. We will not place children on the waiting list before they are 4 years old, and we will not admit children to Scouts once they are aged 13 or over.

2) Towards the end of each term, the Waiting List team works out which children will be moving on between sections, and determines the number of spaces available – based on maximum Section sizes and adherence to the Scout Association’s adult:child ratios for safeguarding. The team also takes into account the age of children on the waiting list, in order to maintain a healthy membership with a mix of ages in each Section, and to maximise each child’s time in a Section.

3) A space in a section is then offered, with the following waiting list priority applied:

4) The waiting list team will wait a reasonable amount of time once a space has been offered. If there is no response, the space will be released and offered to another child.

We reserve the right to admit children to Sections on an exceptional basis, for example, where the Group identifies a need for an adult volunteer and their child wishes to join. In the event of a dispute over membership, the Group Scout Leader’s decision is final.

If you’re unhappy with the process or outcome of our waiting list decisions, we’ll try and resolve your concerns through our Complaints procedure.

This policy is in line with The Scout Association’s rules on Admission to Membership. It supercedes Section 9 of our Group Policy.