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A colophon is a Greek word and originally meant “finishing touch.” It is used by publishers to let people know who published a book. It can also be used on websites to show who made the website, and how it was made.

Many of the photos on this website come from our President, Tim Booth. You can find his Flickr feed, which is full of wonderful Scouting memories, here:

This website is made using WordPress, an open-source content management system. The look and feel of the website is controlled by a WordPress theme – this is a series of HTML and PHP-based templates, which controls the content (such as this text), along with CSS to design the pages and style that content.

WordPress is extended by plugins, which add additional functionality. This can include things like as interacting with My.Scout to automatically pull in each the programme of your Beaver, Cub or Scout section each term

The design (and some functionality) of 1st Finchampstead’s website has been placed in a custom WordPress theme, which is available for anyone to look at, download and use. Have a look at the theme at Github:

If you have any questions about the website, please contact Matt Radford. If you want to get started learning HTML, try this page: