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1st Finchampstead at the Three Towers Hike 2008

1st Finchampstead was out in force at the Three Towers Hike on Saturday 5th April. The hike is a hike around the Berkshire Downs, with routes of 25km for the Scout teams, 45km for the Explorer Scout teams and 70km for the Leader teams. This year we operated 2 Scout teams, 3 Leader teams, and 2 teams from Phoenix Explorer Scouts who are based at our HQ, Finchbase, together with several supporting leaders and helpers.

[flickr-photo:id=2391263255,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=2392098044,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=2391265135,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=2392095262,size=m]

Congratulations to the teams, all of whom finished (except for Simon, who managed to damage his knee halfway around – we hope it recovers quickly)

Classic event

Chris and Niall took 12hrs 53mins – Simon sadly had to retired at blewbury with a knee injury.
Simon, Jess and Chris took 15hrs 21mins
Adam, Phil and Ali took 15hrs 55mins

Explorer event

Tom, Matt and Phil took 9hrs 42mins
Belinda, Nick and Phil took 12hrs 12mins

Scout event

Rob,Auryan and Jacob took 5hrs 46mins
Matthew, Matthew and Isi took 8hrs 16mins

More photographs can be seen by clicking on the picture below.