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3 Towers 2011 – Great Results Once Again for 1st Finch!

3 Towers 2011 – 1st Finchampstead Results


Congratulations to all of the teams who took part in this tough challenge once again this year to represent 1st Finchampstead Scouts. Thanks also to everyone who helped support our teams on the day and with the training hikes in the weeks and months before the event. This year we entered 2 Scout teams (25km), 2 Scout Plus teams (40km) and one Classic team (70k). Everyone did very well indeed, especially Leaping lizards, who came in only 5 minutes slower than the winners of the Scout race! Full Finch results are as follows:


Team Name     Time Position Notes total teams finishing/ starting
Flying Foxes – Scout Plus (40km) 7hrs 56 mins 3rd winning time was 7hrs 22 mins 4 out of 5
Rob Montandon            
Matt Popplestone            
Amber Hasler            
Bounding Badgers – Scout Plus (40km) 8 hrs 30 mins n/a Lukas retired at Blewbury with blisters 4 out of 5
Lukas Sehringer            
Dan Williams            
Ben Rollinson            
Leading Ladies – Scout (25km)   7 hrs 31 mins 27th winning time was 4 hrs 43mins 43 out of 56
Jenna Moors            
Beth Armitage            
Ella Sehringer            
Leaping Lizards – Scout (25km)   4 hrs 48 mins 4th winning time was 4hrs 43 mins 43 out of 56
Nathan Halliday-Vargas          
Rory Leach            
Ben Fletcher            
Feet Athletes – Adult Classic (70km) 13 hrs 14 mins 4th winning time was 11 hrs 29 mins 13 out of 22
Howard Leach            
Lewis Wilson            
Niall Collier