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All: Fund-raising – Wokingham Half Marathon – 13th February 2011

Wokingham Half Marathon – Water Station – Sunday 13th February 2011

The Wokingham 1/2 Marathon is rapidly approaching, (only a few weeks to
go !) & we now need to highlight that you consider making
yourselves availably to help 1st Finch man one of the Event’s Water
1st Finch has again been asked to provide a Water Station Service to the
Event’s Runners, & in the past that gesture has generated some much
needed revenue, whilst actively promoting the Group, (in a charitable
light) to our wider local community. 
Currently we do not seem to have enough volunteers from the 1st Finch Group, to fulfil the Water Station Service.
Can you highlight the need for volunteers to come forward at your next respective Scout related Meetings.
We need Scouts, (& ideally their Parents !), Leaders, Committee
Members, Fellowship Members, Young Leaders & Explorers  & we
need an absolute minimum of 12 on the day to avoid a crises.

Please contact Paul Kent – – who will co-ordinate replies to the organising leaders – Dave Stock & Ian Blagden