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Bag Packing – 17th November

1st Finch has been given the opportunity to have a day “bag-packing” at Tesco on Saturday November 17th
We need volunteers for this – some parents as well please, to help
“manage” the younger children.  We plan to cover the best part of the
day in 2 hour shifts, but of course this is dependent upon the number of
volunteers we get.   It’s a great opportunity, especially being
reasonably close to Christmas, and it would be really great to have
sufficient volunteers so that the load can be spread and made easy for
everyone.  Remember, a couple of hours is all we ask.


Please let Dave Stock (  know that you can help, and what times you could be available for, by 31st
October so that we can organise the event and gain the maximum from
it.  We will start at 9am and will run on till about 5pm.  It also helps
our planning to know who will not be able to be there, as well as who
is happy to do their bit, so let Dave know if you can’t make it.


set the bar last year by well exceeding our target – please help us do
that again this year.  The money raised all goes towards helping to
improve your child’s experience with the group.