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Greenfinch Scout Team Wins Prize at 2013 District Scout Cookery Competition

team of 4 scouts from Greenfinch Troop entered the District Scout Cookery
Competition on Saturday January 26th, at the 3rd Wokingham
Scout hut.

the competition, the teams have to prepare and present a 3-course meal for 4
costing less than £18 using only equipment that would be found at a Scout camp.
This year’s theme was “Southern Hemishpere” so our team decided to prepare a
meal with a Southern Africa theme complete with table decorations etc.

the starter, our team prepared a zuccini and onion salad using a recipe from
the Ivory Coast. Their main course was a traditional bean, tomato and onion
soup called Boom Chakalaka, which originated in the townships of South Africa. Their dessert
however was the team’s piece de resistance: A baked banana dessert cooked in a
dutch oven over a gas burner, using a recipe from Gabon.

team walked away with the dessert prize, and came third in the overall
competition – a very credible achievement considering the menu was not decided
on until the evening before the competition, and they had no chance to

to: James Popplestone, Sam Moors, Harry Jones and Josh Taylor.

A few more photos can be viewed at: