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Kandersteg Expedition 2011 – Activity Choices

Kandersteg 2011 – Activity Choices

As we said in our email in September, we would like you to choose which of the optional activities you would like to take part in next year.

Please choose any 3
activities (no more and no less). Each activity has
been given a
different number of points, depending on how much it will cost us
and how
difficult it is to organise- some of the activities are also
restricted to
those who have reached a certain age. You can choose
activities which
use up to 12 points in total (no more) – you don’t have to use up all your points if you don’t want to. Where there is an
age limit for
the activity, it means your age on the first day of the expedition
(17th August 2011) – please do not choose activities
which you
are not old enough
. Please ask Tim or Chris if you would like to know more
details about
any of the activities. We will, of course, be doing other activities, hikes, day trips, town visits, international Scouting and more, so there is plenty of other fun as well as this.

The activity level (on a scale of 1 to 5) tells you how much
effort you have to put in to do the activity. Climbing up a tall
mountain (which is always great fun) tends to take more energy
than sliding down a zip wire.

We will do our best to keep to your choices, but we may need
to ask you to choose again if we find that we can’t do them. Also
note that if
some activities don’t have enough participants, we might not be able
to run

Please send your choices by email to Tim Booth – – by Guy Fawkes Night, please. This will give us time to put all the activities together in a sensible way, and then to book them with Kandersteg when we are able to do so.

Activity Description Age limit Points Activity Level
Jacobs Ladder A giant ladder to be climbed as a pair. Gets harder and harder as you climb. A half day activity. All ages 1 4
Zip Wire A long aerial runway over 100 metres long. Zip down over and over again. A half day activity. All ages 1 2
Crate Climbing A team activiy to climb the crates as high as you can manage. A half day activity. All ages 1 3
High Ropes This high ropes adventure course takes you high up in the trees, where you are invited to challenge yourself on the obstacles that lie ahead. The park includes zip-lines, high wire bridges and much more. You must be at least 1.4 m high. All ages 4 3
Adelboden Adventure Package Swing through the air like Tarzan, feel the adrenalin rush as you abseil from the bridge, race through the air on a zip wire high above the river
and lose touch with solid ground as you negotiate the rope bridge. For the full experience attempt the giant pendulum swing. Finish off with a Via Ferrata high above the valley.
12 years + 10 5
Alpine Cheesery Hike Expedition
up to an alpine cheesery in the mountains. A nice hike, which includes demonstrations and samples.
All ages 1 4
Dawn Hike Hike
to the summit of a local mountain (2200m) to watch the sun rise (starts 0300 or earlier!)
12 years + 1 4
Stand First traverse A classic traverse between the high peaks of Stand and First with breathtaking views. 14 years + 2 5+
Three Valleys Hike A hike through 3 valleys on the same trip, with an overnight stay in the upper hut. Climbs to 2800 m with spectacular views. 14 years + 3 4
LotschenPass Hike A hike over
the Lötschenpass Glacier, a pass used since Roman times. Includes use of ice
axe if conditions suitable.
14 years + 4 5
Glacier Workshop A beginners guide to the world of glaciers. Includes an overnight stay in an high alpine hut, use of ice axes, crevasse rescues and glacier walking skills. 14 years + 9 5
Abseiling Abseiling
on a cliff close to the Scout Centre. A half-day activity.
All ages 1 3
Rock Climbing (Beginners) Basic
rock climbing for those with little experience. Includes a 2 hour walk and
an overnight stay at the Centre’s upper hut at Ueschinen.
All ages 3 4
Rock Climbing (Intermediate) A
wide variety of routes and surfaces and learning about the more technical
aspects of rock climbing. For those with some outside (not an indoor wall)
climbing experience.
14 years + 4 3
Mountain Biking Varies
between gentle valley trips to hard mountain tours using a hired bike. Routes that we use will
depend on age and experience of the party.
12 years + 4 4
River Rafting (Easy) Cruising
on a river raft on the easy but fast river Aare between Thun and Bern.
All ages 7 3
River Rafting (Intermediate) More adventurous rafting on the river Simme about an hour’s train ride from the Scout
12 years + 9 4
River Rafting (Hard) Extreme rafting on the river Lutschine. 14 years + 10 5