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Messages from Switzerland 2011

During Summer camp in Switzerland in August 2011, we sent Twitter messages regularly, which were displayed on the front page of this web site, complete with links to photos and senders. We’ve collected the messages here, so that the log doesn’t disappear with time.

Please read and wonder at what we did and what the messages mean!

Egg:  :  Now the process of going through the hundreds of photos that I managed to take begins… I may be some time.  :  (21:13 Sat 3 Sep)
Egg:  :  Back in the UK, noticable lack of mountains and cows compared to Switzerland. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.  :  (18:11 Sat 3 Sep)
Greg:  :  Parents reunited with Scouts. Off home to recount all our adventures then a very long sleep….  :  (17:52 Sat 3 Sep)
Greg:  :  A sea if blue shirts and red scarves at check in  :  (14:55 Sat 3 Sep)
Greg:  :  Off down the valley ending our trip with same weather we have enjoyed for our two weeks…. Sunny blue skies ……  :  (10:51 Sat 3 Sep)
Greg:  :  Passed final inspection, final photos, final camp alert, final loading of bags on coach, final Scouts on coach, final goodbyes to Kandersteg  :  (10:49 Sat 3 Sep)
Tim:  :  Packing and cleaning complete. Ready to leave – where is the coach? :  (08:54 Sat 3 Sep)
Greg:  :  Lots of last minute furious packing. Sure be more when get up at 7am. ”So long and thanks for all the fish” ( quote from Douglas Adams).  :  (23:25 Fri 2 Sep)
Tim:  :  Also a camp fire under a Swiss sunset.  :  (19:28 Fri 2 Sep)
Tim:  :  A formal dinner to end the expedition. :  (18:41 Fri 2 Sep)
Greg:  :  On Tour shirts for last supper  :  (18:40 Fri 2 Sep)
Greg:  :  On our last hike back to Tower ;-(  :  (14:20 Fri 2 Sep)
Greg:  :  Comando Gordo leads the way into the alpine lake. Very cold but great fun!  :  (14:19 Fri 2 Sep)
Greg:  :  The blue lagoon swimming surrounded by mountains is an excellent end to a fantastic holiday. One in … All in!  :  (13:26 Fri 2 Sep)
Tim:  : Last day. Ending with the toboggan  :  (11:36 Fri 2 Sep)
Greg:  :  Leader : are you wearing a clean t shirt Scout : no, u haven’t got any left so I have chosen the least smelly.  :  (08:00 Fri 2 Sep)
Tim:  :  The annual Stock Quiz is now under way.  :  (19:46 Thu 1 Sep)
Greg:  :  Eiger Patrol best at cleaning toilets whilst Scouts sit around before dinner  :  (17:11 Thu 1 Sep)
Greg:  :  Now doing scavenger hunt – which country is also a continent?  :  (14:17 Thu 1 Sep)
Tim:  : Lunchtime press-up challenge  :  (12:22 Thu 1 Sep)
Tim:  :  A quiet day in camp. This morning’s wide game has deteriorated into lunch.  :  (12:05 Thu 1 Sep)
Greg:  :  Change of plans today with wide game and then scavenger hunt in Kandersteg. Sun sun sun yet again. We’re so lucky!  :  (11:46 Thu 1 Sep)
Greg:  :  Thunder and lightening stopped Dawn Hike going. All got up ready then went back to bed. All secretly pleased  :  (11:44 Thu 1 Sep)
Egg:  :  Dawn hike tomorrow, 3am wake up so we can hike to the top of the Allmenalp to see the sunrise. Effort, but will be worth it for the view!  :  (20:59 Wed 31 Aug)
Greg:  :  Returning back to Tower on train from Brig after a sun soaked day.  :  (16:47 Wed 31 Aug)
Greg:  :  Egg cracks open. Yolk everywhere.  :  (12:50 Wed 31 Aug)
Tim:  :  We survived the wild river and found the station at the end!  :  (12:42 Wed 31 Aug)
Greg:  :  Enjoying sunshine in Brig. Scouts reduced to sharing icecreams to save money whilst Leaders partake in coffee and pastries in local cafe.  :  (10:22 Wed 31 Aug)
Tim:  :  Yet another wait on Spiez station for the rafters.25 minutes before the next train.  :  (07:52 Wed 31 Aug)
Tim:  :  Final rafting trip, starting at Boltigen is now waiting on the station, complaining that it’s too early.  :  (06:49 Wed 31 Aug)
Greg:  :  The Railway Scouts waved to their friends returning from Brig on the train as they came our of the Loetschberg Tunnel next to the Tower.  :  (17:39 Tue 30 Aug)
Greg:  :  Finally back to Tower after our ETA was exceeded due to ‘chipgate’.  :  (16:53 Tue 30 Aug)
Egg:  :  Decided that hiking was too much, so we have been sitting around in a cafe for the last hour! Might have to move soon….  :  (15:41 Tue 30 Aug)
Greg:  :  Lukas has increased his number of friends by buying a plate of chips.  :  (15:35 Tue 30 Aug)
Greg:  :  OAP joins in Scouts singing ‘We will rock you’ on their way down the mountain. Everyone is so friendly.  :  (15:34 Tue 30 Aug)
Greg:  :  The only way is up. :  (10:50 Tue 30 Aug)
Tim:  :  Leaders on their town visit :  (10:25 Tue 30 Aug)
Egg:  :  Minibus finally arrives, everyone reluctantly stopping sunbathing so we can actually get this one and not miss it like the last one!  :  (09:35 Tue 30 Aug)
Greg:  :  Cloudy start. Sun now popped out and we have shouted ‘morning Mr Sun’ while waiting for minibus up the valley.  :  (09:18 Tue 30 Aug)
Egg:  :  Short hike down the valley today, currently sitting around waiting for a minibus to appear to take us up there.  :  (09:04 Tue 30 Aug)
Tim:  :  Today’s town visit to Brig is now waiting for a train in the station.  :  (08:24 Tue 30 Aug)
Greg:  :  End of another fun filled day with lots of stories to tell when Scouts get home. Weather is still fantastic and should hold up for us  :  (21:08 Mon 29 Aug)
Greg:  :  Jamie won a Twix for guessing our arrival time back at 2pm at the Tower from our hike. Now off into Kandersteg.  :  (13:38 Mon 29 Aug)
Tim:  : Tim and Janice on their day off. Excellent views and weather  :  (13:07 Mon 29 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; having lunch at beautiful and very peaceful Daubensee at 2200m.  :  (11:15 Mon 29 Aug)
Greg:  :  Playing poo sticks. Jamie winning.  :  (10:43 Mon 29 Aug)
Greg:  :  Splashing about in mountain river with sun streaming down. Stuart building rock bridge to escape river after getting stuck in middle.  :  (10:40 Mon 29 Aug)
Greg:  :  Played skittles at top of valley to warm up before our hike back.  :  (09:35 Mon 29 Aug)
Egg:  :  Campfire outside hut, songs may or may not have been heard down the entire valley, scared off all the Swiss.  :  (20:39 Sun 28 Aug)
Greg:  :  Atels won Bob lead by Sam B….. Just thought I would keep you all in suspense.  :  (16:51 Sun 28 Aug)
Greg:  :  Sun still shining even as we head towards 6pm. We couldn’t have wished for better weather.  :  (16:48 Sun 28 Aug)
Greg:  :  Been to open air swimming pool. Ian B won the prize for most elegant dive.  :  (15:41 Sun 28 Aug)
Tim:  :  Finishing a weekend of downtime ny the village pool  :  (14:51 Sun 28 Aug)
Egg:  :  Climbing group heading up to the upper hut singing beatles and queen songs. This is going to be a long 24 hours…  :  (13:24 Sun 28 Aug)
Tim:  :  Lunchtime on a quiet sunny day in camp :  (11:33 Sun 28 Aug)
Greg:  :  A very clear day with stunning views of the mountains. Paradise.  :  (10:06 Sun 28 Aug)
Greg:  :  Chilly start but blue skies and sunny. Relaxing morning either on site or off into the town.  :  (09:25 Sun 28 Aug)
Greg:  :  Great weather today despite the very cold start and snow mountains.  :  (22:13 Sat 27 Aug)
Greg:  :  Winners of Camp Olympics were……the proud custonians of Bob the Gnome. Well done for a great team effort.  :  (22:12 Sat 27 Aug)
Greg:  :  Ben F the fabulous slack liner with 3 watts!  :  (16:33 Sat 27 Aug)
Greg:  :  Lewis sends a birthday tweet to his Mum ….. Happy Birthday!  :  (11:59 Sat 27 Aug)
Greg:  :  A relaxing day. Chilling out… playing non taxing games to win Bob the Gnome.  :  (11:58 Sat 27 Aug)
Greg:  :  Cool!!!! It’s much colder with snow on the mountains above us over night. Jumpers all round.  :  (11:56 Sat 27 Aug)
Tim:  :  A much cooler day today. In camp with the Annual Camp Olympics  :  (10:30 Sat 27 Aug)
Tim:  :  Washing in camp the traditional way :  (17:52 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  All back from 3970m adventure in snow on Jungfrau and North Face of Eiger. Hiked back from half way two different ways in various groups.  :  (17:43 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  Train to half way down with second group Haning lunch then hiking back to bottom of valley. Sunny but clouds look threatening  :  (12:48 Fri 26 Aug)
Egg:  :  Manouvering 50 people through the station to catch train, riding down to the next station then walking along the Eiger Trail.  :  (11:20 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  @DaveJudge1 yr two children went topless at -10!!!!  :  (10:24 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  @bunnywarren1966 pleased yr following. Sam having fantastic time and so is everyone else. Just been freezing in the snow  :  (10:23 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  Some tweats coming through which got delayed from last week. ….  :  (10:19 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  Scouts went topless on view tower then all went planking!  :  (10:06 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  Minus 10 in the wind at the top. Great time. Off yo view the Ice Palace.  :  (09:53 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  Very very cold. Lots if snow. Big snow ball fights. Invested Egg as a Leader. Congratulations and welcome to Scouting as a Leader!  :  (09:38 Fri 26 Aug)
Tim:  :  On top of Europe :  (09:34 Fri 26 Aug)
Egg:  :  At the highest train station in Europe on top of the Jungfraujoch. Also possibly the coldest train station in Europe.  :  (09:06 Fri 26 Aug)
Tim:  :  On a train to the Jungfrau :  (07:55 Fri 26 Aug)
Egg:  :  Looking out of the train window at the Eiger and Jungfrau. Looks a bit high…. But up we go!  :  (07:46 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  train going up the mountain to Jungfrau. Excellent view of valley. Sun shining. Can see a few clouds at top. Scouts tired after up early.  :  (07:27 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  On coach and it is already 21 deg at 6.45am  :  (05:49 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  Up 5.30am. Dark. Excited about our trip as a group to play in the snow on the Eiger.  :  (04:51 Fri 26 Aug)
Egg:  :  Preparing for the jungfrau trip tomorrow, much enthusiasm about the 5:30am start! Ben Ramsay forgot to make lunch as usual…  :  (20:36 Thu 25 Aug)
Tim:  :  Feeding time :  (18:46 Thu 25 Aug)
Tim:  :  The raft trip tries to get back to Kandersteg by waiting hopefully at Bern train station  :  (14:13 Thu 25 Aug)
Tim:  :  So today’s raft trip finishes with lunch by the pool :  (11:59 Thu 25 Aug)
Egg:  : – How to get down a glacier according to Greg.  :  (10:51 Thu 25 Aug)
Greg:  :  Day off today for M and I. So no more tweats today from me.  :  (09:34 Thu 25 Aug)
Greg:  :  Chilly start aftr last nights thunderstorm. Blue skies so will be another hot day  :  (07:29 Thu 25 Aug)
Greg:  :  Traditional Swiss cows dressed for breakfast.  :  (07:27 Thu 25 Aug)
Tim:  :  Today’s raft trip is now waiting for a train on Kandersteg station.  :  (06:56 Thu 25 Aug)
Greg:  :  End of another exciting day in Switzerland. All having fun+settled in. No homesickness. Into daily routines inc cleaning and kitchen duties.  :  (20:34 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Had some Birthday cake. Yummy!  :  (19:52 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Thunderstorm with strong lightening at the Tower. Scouts still playing games in rain before super.  :  (19:25 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Birthday dunking  :  (18:14 Wed 24 Aug)
Tim:  :  Football in progress after activities – 1sr Finch vs Portugal. Gordon the Goalie lets in 2 goals in 2 minutes.  :  (16:08 Wed 24 Aug)
Tim:  :  Hike back in Kandersteg. Picture from lunch – :  (15:11 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  On the connecting train back to Kandersteg. Rain was just a sharp shower in Thun.  :  (14:08 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  James P and Rory bought some random items. A melon, 2 limes and a packet of clown cake decorations!  :  (13:40 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Waiting at train stn just started to rain.  :  (13:39 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Matt P has swooped one if his Wokingham District badges for a Thun badge in a shop  :  (13:37 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Not a Scout jumping into river at Thun :  (13:20 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Bought Swiss scarf. Stallholder gave v good price as we Scouts. choice of 2. Chose 1 then man gave 2nd free as grandchildren Scouts  :  (13:18 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Micheal and Owen in Apple Store getting fix on iPads.  :  (12:26 Wed 24 Aug)
Tim:  :  A very pleasant lunchtime on a very rocky beach. I thought this was a hike.  :  (12:23 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Beautiful in old parts if Thun. River looks v appealing especially seeing swimmers enjoying the cool waters.  :  (12:01 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Scouts off looking around. With Magdalene’s parents having coffee und kuchen. Plum or apricot tart. 30 Fr for 4. Things v expensive here  :  (12:00 Wed 24 Aug)
Tim:  :  Coffee break on the Oeschinensee :  (10:58 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  In Thun. Extremely hot already. Just seen Stevie, Ben F and Sam Wt in Bank?????  :  (10:24 Wed 24 Aug)
Egg:  :  Relaxed morning in camp today, town visit and a hiking group already gone, the rest of us lazing about until activities start this afternoon  :  (09:55 Wed 24 Aug)
Tim:  :  Walking party at.the top.OD.the.cable car  :  (09:55 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Charlotte presented with special hat to wear for Birthday made from pink cleaning cloth with Happy Birthday on front and Pity Me on the back  :  (09:40 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  All on train to Spiez. Been joined at next station by magdalene’s parents who are staying in next village for a few days  :  (09:35 Wed 24 Aug)
Tim:  :  A tweeter tweets even more. :  (07:56 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Happy Birthday to Charlotte. She has opened cards with her room mates and a phonecall from home. More later on her celebrations!  :  (07:50 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  Half of group on town visit to Thun shortly. Others on zip wire, hiking and a 2 day glacier workshop.  :  (07:48 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  All up and raring to go. Weather blue skies and another hot hot day. Scouts better after a good night sleep went to sleep by 10.15pm  :  (07:44 Wed 24 Aug)
Greg:  :  All going to bed quietly as some very very tired. Fortunately no early starts tomorrow so a lie in until breakfast at 8am  :  (20:38 Tue 23 Aug)
Tim:  :  Today’s outdoors dinner has changed to an indoor dinner by the appearance of a thunderstorm  :  (18:03 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Back at Tower almost 12 hours since we left. Great day. Great challenge. Now for a shower…. And a sleep  :  (16:55 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; made it 2 museum on time. Water at fountain nice and cold. Ben just found out u get a free shower if u block 2 of the 3 taps.  :  (16:18 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  On train. Just waved to Tower as we came out of tunnel. Back shortly  :  (16:12 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Now in bus as it was late getting to our stop. So much for Swiss being on time. Not had to pay as busdriver just waved us on  :  (15:57 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Found out we r 8 minutes late for us or to look at it another way we are 52 minutes early. We just have to wait.  :  (15:52 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  At last down at Ferden exhausted. Now comparing sweat patches on our back …. as ever so hot! Waiting for bus to take us to train.  :  (15:50 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; finally back at Kandersteg. Gordon determined 2 make it to the museum be4 it closes at 5pm. Also a good point 2 refill water bottles.  :  (15:36 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; unfortunately it’s uphill all the way home so having 2 stop 4 water more often. Will also b back about an hour later than anticipated.  :  (15:13 Tue 23 Aug)
Tim:  :  Day’s visit to Thun now back in Kandersteg.  :  (15:12 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Heading down a luscious ravine lovely and green. Very close as it’s very warm. Making good progress but likely to be back later than planned  :  (15:05 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; Tried 2 orienteer away from Blausee but fence blocked our way. Long story. Now on way back taking turns to set pace. Oskar leading.  :  (14:56 Tue 23 Aug)
Egg:  :  Day trip to Thun, Swiss trains much more comfortable and luxurious than British ones. And reliably on time for once!  :  (14:39 Tue 23 Aug)
Tim:  :  Town visit now back on the train from Thun. Very hot out of the mountains.  :  (14:16 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  On way down fast walking pace. Still long way to go We can see bottom of valley but looks like miniature village.  :  (14:16 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; enjoyed lunch at Blausee. True to it’s name blue + clear u can watch the trouts in it.  :  (13:32 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Just seen Joe C’s twin in photo in hut at lotschenpass Taken photo to prove it. Will show when we get back  :  (13:17 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Owen just spent £2 on a small bag of Maltesers helicoptered in specially for him  :  (13:15 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Milkshake was cold and milky with straw in. Delicious  :  (13:12 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  When Matt P was surprised by a chicken when he came out of the toilet.  :  (13:10 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Matt P was determined not to be the last one here sprinting up the final leg to the hut  :  (13:08 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Stuart can’t resist spending money despite saying he wasn’t going to. Milkshakes all round.  :  (13:06 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Owen making friends with an albino wasp  :  (12:48 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Ali has lots of messages to send home. But he is not sure he can manage in the restricted characters to get in all the words he wants to say  :  (12:46 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Taking in the scenery. Everyone quite. Not sure if exhausted or in awe of views. Can see for miles the tops of mountains covered in snow.  :  (12:44 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Jess over came her fears with the help and assistance of Micheal. We gave her a round of applause!  :  (12:42 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Finally at the top. 2690m. Sunshine. Tough getting up. Mountaining the last couple of hours holding on to ropes and climbing up rock faces.  :  (12:40 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; sign says 15 min to Blausee. Gordon trying hard to teach map reading. They need more practise!  :  (11:49 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Stuart is eating Fox’s Glacier Mints on the glacier!!!!!!!!  :  (11:43 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Just crossed glacier. Awesome!!!! Washed hands in glacier stream as we crossed.  :  (11:26 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS, walking party to the Blausee now as far as Kandersteg. Museum not open until 2pm. Oh dear. Let’s move on.  :  (10:33 Tue 23 Aug)
Tim:  :  Town visit now arrived in Thun  :  (10:17 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Another rest before the really tricky difficult ascent upto the glacier. Fantastic weather with cooling wind.  :  (09:24 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  View from our rest stop. WOW! :  (08:54 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Stopped for water stop. Am with some of the over14s. more difficult hike to Lotschenpass over a glacier. Maybe that’s why we need ice axes?  :  (07:47 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  At start of hike after a wild drive in minibus along very narrow cliff edge tracks driven by mad driver  :  (07:14 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  There is railway line going into a tunnel about 10 yds from us on site. At times we feel like the Railway Children waving at the passengers  :  (05:49 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Warm wind today so another hot day  :  (05:47 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Up at 6 for those on long hike. Jess feels she has only just gone to bed. On kit list for hike it says we need ice axes but we have none!  :  (05:46 Tue 23 Aug)
Greg:  :  Bob the Gnome now proudly in place on the mantle piece  :  (20:16 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Oscar says he feels trapped by the height of the mountains around us. They are very high.  :  (19:56 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Playing volleyball bs others on the site even though it is fast going dark.  :  (19:55 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Lovely meal expertly prepared by Dave and Pam. They are amazed how little is wasted. The Scouts are eating well.  :  (19:55 Mon 22 Aug)
Tim:  :  This First Aider has now had to treat the first blisters.  :  (17:29 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  All back at tower after another sunny day. A few spots of rain at end of hiking but they were very cooling after the heat!  :  (16:19 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Sam says hi dad Simon. Wow great day. Loved it!  :  (16:17 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; now all back at Tower. Everyone hot, sweaty + tired heading for showers + putting feet in cold water trough out side.  :  (15:35 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Other group just joined us do all hikers back  :  (15:15 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Back at base of cable car. That was a hike and a half with lots if challenges along the way. All hot and sweaty. Getting an icecream for all  :  (15:14 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Wobbly knees as we decended some very steep paths hanging onto to rope to side of cliffs. Wow now we are part way down  :  (13:58 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  James S has just asked do the Swiss speak Swittish?  :  (13:18 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Had to stop on the way through the forest to get a stone out of James S boot. Views fantastic. Pleased IRS cool as we walk through forest  :  (13:16 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Fab view see photo almost next to cable car at top. We are now walking down past cable car. :  (13:01 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Much easier going down than up. Taken us 10 mins to go down bs 1 hour to go the same path up. Taking in the spectacular views  :  (12:25 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Meant to say choc bars not chic bars!  :  (11:51 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Lots of melt chic bars eaten. When hungry who cares!  :  (11:48 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  James S found the tap for free freezing water. All filling up bottles before descent down  :  (11:47 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Blustering hot at our destination. Reapplying suncream in handfulls  :  (11:46 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Making max use of play equipment. Surprising how a 14 yr old can act 4 yes old!  :  (11:44 Mon 22 Aug)
Egg:  :  Having lunch outside Shwarenback hotel, waitress stunned at 14 of us turning up and ordering 6 litres of sprite.  :  (11:25 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; made it to cheesery!!! From Jenna 2 Mum: cheesery walk not as easy as it looks but I made it, jipee!!  :  (11:20 Mon 22 Aug)
Tim:  :  Sunrise at the Tower! 12:02!  :  (11:04 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Sam W eating very melted double decker bar  :  (11:00 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  On very steep climb. Challenging. Stopping for water every ten mins  :  (10:50 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  @glitter21girl ms is magdalene sending from my Twitter account as she does not have her own  :  (10:49 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; cooling off at waterfall with amazing views and lots of butterflies sunning themselves.  :  (10:38 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  No we left them in a rock for you to find  :  (10:34 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Turning off on final leg toa lovely restaurant. Some beginning to run out of water. 500ml is not enough. Leaders have spare  :  (10:33 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; cheesery now in sight but still climbing steeply now past lovely waterfall.  :  (10:28 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; we’ve got Steward’s sun glasses again. Rich says have u looked on ur head for urs Greg ?  :  (10:23 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  We need Tim to explain the rock formation. Ben trying best but not as knowledgeable. He’s say something about Italy bumping into Europe  :  (10:01 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  At over 6000 ft and still climbing up the path. Lack of oxygen Taking lots of sips of water.  :  (09:43 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Rich have you found our sunglasses yet? We need th as it is very sunny and we are having difficulty seeing.  :  (09:42 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Glasses lost. Please find. Photo of where last seen! :  (09:28 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Taking a water break. We have now spilt up into two hiking groups going in different directions. One to gallihorn the other to schwarenbach  :  (09:26 Mon 22 Aug)
Egg:  :  Starting Schwarenback hike after 800m climb on cable car, apparently 1hr 20mins to go but signposts proving unreliable.  :  (09:05 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; enjoyed some off roading. 2nd kitkat stop before steep bit. Heard 1st cowbell. Don’t touch electric fences!!!  :  (08:51 Mon 22 Aug)
Tim:  :  More Zipping :  (08:40 Mon 22 Aug)
Tim:  :  Jess was not happy to find she’s going to start walking at 0715 tomorrow.  :  (08:13 Mon 22 Aug)
Tim:  :  Zipping away in the morning sunshine. :  (08:11 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; Message from Rick to all walkers: pls don’t lose your sun glasses half way up the mountain. He doesn’t need any extra exercise !!  :  (08:02 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  All checked all ready to hike. Weather clear blue skies. Now heading for cable car to start main part of alpine hikes. 4 groups hiking  :  (07:44 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  MS; cheesery walkers well on their way now before the heat sets in. Cheese here we come 🙂  :  (07:40 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Everyone ready for day. Stevie not with us yet… Can’t work out whether he us still tired or it’s his normal state  :  (07:05 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Millie says she hates early mornings but still managing to talk a lot despite this!  :  (06:22 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Sam B enjoying his time so far having breakfast of croissant and jam  :  (06:20 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Scouts very self sufficient. Able to clean, wash up, make their own packed lunch and breakfast. Surprised at number having regular showers!  :  (06:16 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Scouts in swing of what they have to do to be ready for activities. Otherscouts up having breakfast and trying to wake up  :  (06:14 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  All subdued this morning …. In others words tired at having to get up early. Those going to cheesery up firstbreakfast + made pack lunches  :  (06:12 Mon 22 Aug)
Greg:  :  Scouts in bed and going alseep. Leaders playing building towers out of Uno cards.  :  (21:53 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Magdalene’s Swiss German has come in very handy on a number of occassions already to get us more understood.  :  (21:52 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Although Gordon doesn’t speak Greman he has used his Spanish with the mexican waiter and his French buying a postcard.  :  (21:49 Sun 21 Aug)
Egg:  :  Planned tomorrows hike up the Schwarenback valley, a slightly more active day than today but everyone is eager to get up into the hills.  :  (21:48 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Amazing paragliders today circling around the mountains and then in our valley. We past landing site on way to Kandersteg + watched landings  :  (21:44 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Excellent homemade fairy cakes and brownies for supper along with hot choc. Final playing cards before bed.  :  (21:01 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Asked Patrol Leaders what was special today. Answers- sun, wooden houses,food, kandersteg, playing in playpark and water balloons.  :  (20:59 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Talking to other Scouts in the campsite. Making new friends. Others playing cards and snap Uno.  :  (19:59 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Planned hikes for tomorrow. Getting kit ready now as early starts in morning. First group leaves at 7.45am to cheesery. About to have supper  :  (19:58 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Italien themed food today. Dinner lasagne + salad then homemade tiramisu. Scouts now washing up and cleaning floors and toilets  :  (18:36 Sun 21 Aug)
Tim:  :  Bob the Gnome has finally reached Kandersteg. :  (16:44 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Back at Tower. Big water fight around the water trough with water balloons. Scouts fully drenched Inc Matt P Lukas Charlotte Glenn James P  :  (16:35 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Leaving Kandersteg for the trek back to the Tower. Scouts bought number of souveniors. Still very hot. Tim and Janice arrived by car.  :  (15:01 Sun 21 Aug)
Egg:  :  Relaxed afternoon in the village. Lots of icecreams bought and most leaders unwilling to leave the local cafe. Fantastic views.  :  (14:51 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Before we left for Kandersteg young lady deflated at being found in boys room. Now on long walk into town in max heat  :  (13:08 Sun 21 Aug)
Tim:  :  Bob the Gnome is waiting for the car ferry through the Alps.  :  (13:07 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Extremely hot. Off to discover Kandersteg. A 45 min walk.  :  (12:41 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  So hot we’re eating outside pizza+salad. Lewis says it’s better here than playing on playstation. Suntan lotion sunglasses+ sunhats for all  :  (11:25 Sun 21 Aug)
Tim:  :  Bob the Gnome has stopped for coffee at the end of France and.remembers the Alps. L: :  (10:39 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  Relaxing day after sorting out kit in rooms. Some off to play volleyball before lunch at 12. Weather sunny.  :  (10:06 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  A few dunkings in the trough today James S James P Joe, Ed and Dan all very wet but own choice!  :  (10:05 Sun 21 Aug)
Tim:  :  Bob the Gnome is about to be on the move again if we can ever find our way out of the one way maze.  :  (07:47 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  All up, still trying to wake upEating Swiss muesli, yogurt cereals, croisants jam etc. Stevie K says morning to Dad  :  (07:36 Sun 21 Aug)
Greg:  :  All tired after travelling. Dinner rice and chicken followed by apple crumble and custard. Scouts gone to bed. Leaders now playing Uno!  :  (22:37 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  All settled into rooms. About to eat dinner. All travel gone to plan. No incidents to report. Everyone very happy to be here  :  (19:56 Sat 20 Aug)
Tim:  :  Bob the Gnome has kindly taken us out to dinner. :  (18:18 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  Beautiful view of the mountains from our coach. Nearly at Kansersteg just another half hour  :  (17:53 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  Can now see the mountains with snow on them. The Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau.  :  (17:25 Sat 20 Aug)
Tim:  :  Bob the Gnome has now arrived at tonight’s stop.39 degrees in town. We are at L: Piccy:  :  (16:33 Sat 20 Aug)
Egg:  :  Landed at Zurich, everyone piled into the bus and we are now heading west towards Kandersteg. Boiling hot!  :  (16:13 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  On the way to Kandersteg Good roads nice and clear. Now just after 5pm and still hot and sunny!  :  (16:11 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  35 degrees upon arrival thank goodness for airconditioning on the coach  :  (15:53 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  Arrived at Zurich. Through arrivals and now on coach  :  (15:51 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  Coming through arrivals  :  (09:53 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  Now at arrivals  :  (09:53 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  Just landed at Zurich waiting to get off plane. Weather very sunny and hot.  :  (09:53 Fri 26 Aug)
Greg:  :  All accounted for and all on the plane. They are still loading the bags though!  :  (12:52 Sat 20 Aug)
Ben:  :  Just got on the plane. Will so be saying goodbye to Britain.  :  (12:46 Sat 20 Aug)
Tim:  :  800 metre queue just to buy diesel here. L: :  (12:06 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  They have opened a checking desk especially for us!!!!  :  (11:10 Sat 20 Aug)
Ben:  :  Could be a long queue. :  (11:00 Sat 20 Aug)
Ben:  :  Wetterhorn patrol all here and accounted for.  :  (10:27 Sat 20 Aug)
Tim:  :  Hot! Hot! Hot! Driving up the Dordogne valley towards the centre of France. Already well over 30 degrees at 11 am.  :  (10:19 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  Waiting at Luton airport for all the Scouts to turn up :  (10:05 Sat 20 Aug)
Egg:  :  Bus arrived at Luton, short walk with all the kit, 30 of us casually filling the departures hall, looking very conspicuous!  :  (09:47 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  Ian B concentrating driving as we join the A329M…. :  (08:35 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  All leaders now left Wokingham in the Finch minibus. Give us a wave if u c us on Mway.  :  (08:27 Sat 20 Aug)
Ben:  :  Getting picked by the minibus at 8.30 to go to the airport. Nothing like finding out at 8.05 that my trail shoes are round at my grandmo …  :  (08:11 Sat 20 Aug)
Greg:  :  Nearly ready. Just about to leave house once we have packed our lunches into day bags  :  (07:21 Sat 20 Aug)
Tim:  :  Bob the Gnome is now heading away from his summer holidays in southern France and is trying to work out how to get the 800 miles to camp.  :  (06:21 Sat 20 Aug)
Egg:  :  Finished packing at last! Now to get a good few hours of rest before the journey. High chance I forgot to pack something important….  :  (23:58 Fri 19 Aug)
Greg:  :  Bags all packed. Just finishing making sandwiches for the journey. Weather looks very good for our first full day there on Sunday!  :  (21:10 Fri 19 Aug)
Tim:  :  We’re driving down the (very) long way to camp. So Bob the Gnome is now waving goodbye to the White Cliffs of Dover.  :  (11:00 Thu 11 Aug)
Tim:  :  The camp kit list, for those who have lost it can be downloaded from the web site page at  :  (13:13 Wed 10 Aug)
Ben:  :  For those of you who have asked the kits list was attached on an email sent out on the 28th of June.  :  (18:08 Tue 9 Aug)
Greg:  :  Started to check what we need to pack to ensure we have everything. Bought new boots so must walk them in!  :  (21:42 Mon 8 Aug)
Ben:  :  Ben: Test tweet number two. Forgot to add my name to the last one.  :  (18:06 Mon 8 Aug)
Ben:  :  A test tweet to see if we’re set up for summer camp 2011!  :  (17:32 Mon 8 Aug)
Tim:  :  Egg has been checking this feed out, but we now cannot remove the posts. Sorry!  :  (10:13 Mon 8 Aug)
Egg:  :  Haahaaagaagagagagagavaga ohh la la  :  (18:43 Wed 3 Aug)
Egg:  :  Dhdddhdhdhdhdhdhdhdj  :  (18:38 Wed 3 Aug)
Tim:  :  As we said at the final meeting, Ali Smith has a blog from Kandersteg. You can see it at  :  (12:11 Tue 2 Aug)
Tim:  :  You can watch Kandersteg on their web cam – we’ll wave as we go past. The camera is at  :  (10:24 Tue 26 Jul)
Greg:  :  Greg. If you did not buy any badges last week. I can let you have some for trading whilst there. Please email me. 50p a badge.  :  (16:13 Mon 25 Jul)
Tim:  :  Tim: If you have time in the Summer Hols, you might watch this b4 we go. Shot in Kandersteg – I don’t expect u to copy.  :  (11:31 Mon 25 Jul)
Tim:  :  Anyone wanting badges for Switzerland? Greg will have badges for sale tonight. 50p or £1!  :  (11:38 Thu 21 Jul)