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Scout Autumn Camp 2009 – Details of arrangements and Kit List

We are
delighted that a large number of Scout have decided to join Scout Autumn Camp
this year.  We have a number of exciting activities
planned for the weekend.  There will be
skittles, orienteering, cyclo-cross, go-carts and high ropes.   All we need now is fine weather!


Below are
the details of the camp and arrangements for the weekend for those attending.


Address of Camp Site 


Scout Camp

Denham Lane

Chalfont St




time – 6pm
Friday 30 October

Time – 2pm
Sunday 1 November



If you need
to make contact in an emergency during camp please contact-


Contact – Niall Collier Badgers Cub Leader

Home 0118



If anything
happens on camp that we need to make you aware of then we will contact Niall
who will then make contact with you. 


Please do
not contact the camp office or any of the camp Leaders directly.  All communication must go through Niall.


ensure that you are able to arrange collection of your Scout at any point
during the camp.  This will only be
required if there is an emergency or if it is unsafe for your Scout to be on


Kit List

Attached is the kit list.  As it is Late October it
is highly likely to be cold and wet. 
With this in mind please ensure your Scout has appropriate clothing such
as a waterproof coat and trousers along with warm clothes.  They must also have a suitable sleeping bag
and blanket as it can get quite cold at night sleeping in a tent.  Sleeping with a woolly hat on will
also help keep them warm.  If they do not bring the correct
gear we reserve the right to send your Scout home.  It can be very dangerous without it.



Scouts must
wear their 1st Finchampstead Scarf for camp.  They do not need to bring their full uniform as
it is only a very short camp.



As it is
Halloween on the Saturday night we will be having a Halloween Party.  On the kit list you will notice that your
Scout must also bring a Halloween outfit for the Saturday night.  The more scary it is …the better the party
will be!


Help Required

If you are
able to help either on the Friday afternoon or Sunday morning to set up and/or
dismantle the camp it will be very much appreciated.  Help will also be required to load the
equipment into the van on Thursday evening and unload again Sunday afternoon.
The more helpers there are the easier it is.   
Please e-mail me if you can help.


If you have
any queries please let me know.





Autumn Camp Organiser

Asst. Scout


Finchamsptead Scouts