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Scout Summer Camp 2009 – including final letter and PTC form

Summer Camp 2009 is expected to be from 25th July to 1st August – we intend it to be in Devon.

Since we expect it to be a camp based on water activities, we’re probably not going to be too far from the coast.There’s a picture that one of the leaders took in early March 2009 that can be seen by clicking here.

We showed a taster at the Summer Camp 2008 report back showing the pictures from the last Summer Camp we held in the area, in 2002. These pictures can all be seen by clicking on the picture below.


A further set of photos taken by the leaders on a site visit in April can be seen by clicking the picture below.


The initial letter and invitation to camp is now ready – please click here to see it.

Final letter can be seen by clicking HERE

Permission to Camp Form is available by clicking HERE

Camp Kit List can be downloaded by clicking HERE


If you need any further details or have any questions, please contact Simon Gosden (