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Scout Summer Camp 2009 Letter/reply slip



Finchampstead Scout Group

Summer Camp 2009

Saturday 25th
July to Tuesday 4th August

7th March 2009

Dear Scouts and Parents,

Planning is already in progress for our 2009 Summer Camp and we need your company and enthusiasm to make
this another memorable Finch venture.

This summer we are heading south west to Devon

Basic details at the moment are as follows:

Date:                     Saturday 25th
July to Tuesday 4th August  

Venue:                                 Ashprington
Point near Totnes

Activities:           Sailing, Climbing, Walking and many

Cost:                      £
225.00 per person *  if you have more
than 1 child going to camp the cost will be £200.00 per person                

This cost is based on a minimum of 30
people attending

Ashprington Point is located on the tidal section of the
river Dart; this provides us with a great base to run our normal summer camp


Activities we are currently planning to undertake are
Sailing, Hill Walking, Canoeing, Back packing and others. They may be in the
middle of the nowhere, away from towns and villages, possibly the middle of Dartmoor and on the River Dart.


For those that have never been to a scout summer camp
before, we run things somewhat differently from any other camp that you would
have been on before.  We use a farmer’s
field to camp in.  It has no toilets or
showers.  We take all of our facilities
with us, including the kitchen sink!


If you need any further information at this stage please don’t
hesitate to contact me.

Can you please return
the deposit by 30th April 2009

Yours in Scouting

Simon Gosden

07525 834701



Summer camp 2009

My Son/Daughter
____________________ will be attending summer camp 2009 and I enclose a deposit
of £25.00 made payable to 1st
Finchampstead Scout Group