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Scouts: Autumn Camp 2008

Planning is already in progress for our 2008 Autumn Camp and we need your company and enthusiasm to make this another memorable Finch venture.

This autumn we are heading south to the New Forest to complete the pioneer’s badge.

Basic details at the moment are as follows:

Date: Friday 31st Oct – Sunday 2nd November 2008

Venue: Ferny Crofts New Forest

Activities: Pioneering, Knots & lashings, wide game or night hike

Cost: £ 55.00 per person

This cost is based on a minimum of 25 people attending.
Costs will not include the transport to and from camp.

19-Sep: Please note that the camp is now almost full. Please apply quickly if you haven’t already done so.

Arrival for camp will be 7pm on the Friday. Please eat before arriving at camp.
Scouts will need to be collected from camp at 1.30 pm on the Sunday.

14-Oct: We have updated our intentions, we will arrange for Scouts to be fed when they arrive at camp on the Friday evening. 

Can you please return the permission to camp form to your Section Leader with full costs by the 12th September costs include a £ 10.00 non-refundable deposit.

Cheques made payable to 1st Finchampstead Scout Group.

If you need any further information at this stage please ask the Scout Leaders – Simon or Ian

Further details of Autumn Camp are now available by clicking here