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Scouts-Explorers-Leaders-Parents: The Three Towers Hike 2013

The Three Towers Hike 2013 will be held on Saturday 20th April. For
those of you who are new to the troop this is a hiking challenge run by
Berkshire Scouts that covers 5 categories, two of those for scouts.

In 2012 1st Finch won the Scout, Scout Plus and Explorer events so we have some trophy defending to do.

The Scout event covers 25KM and is open to all Scouts who will compete in a team of 3 or 4.

The Scout Plus is for Scouts who are 13 or 14, are in the troop on
31st December 2012 [so even if you are moving to Explorers you could
compete] and two of the team must have previously completed the Scout
route. Again teams of 3 or 4 are required.

We will be running training events on several Sundays, starting on 24th
February, so the Scouts will be well prepared for the main event.

This is a great event and a good opportunity for Scouts to develop their walking and map reading skills so I would encourage as many as possible to take part.

We also have opportunities for parents! You can come on the training
walks AND you could enter an event. There are two for adults:
Jubilee Plus is a 20KM event. Nice easy walk for teams of 3
The Classic – A 70KM event. Great fun but needs serious training


If your child would like to take part, and we hope many do, please let
Nick Higham-Hook [Thursdays –], Ian Montandon [Fridays –] or Dave Judge (  know by
the 14th December

 If you, as a parent, would like to take part, please contact Ian or myself

 We look forward to hearing from you and having another great turnout for next years event

 Dave Judge, Ian Montandon & Chris Ramsay [Hike Training Organisers]