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Scouts: Kandersteg Expedition 2011

As many of the members will have heard at your Pack or Troop meetings, we are intending to return to Kandersteg, Switzerland, for our Scout Summer Camp in 2011.

Kandersteg is an international Scout Centre based in the heart of the Swiss Alps, and allows us to take part in many activities we cannot so in Britain and also allows us to meet and get to know other Scouts from all around the world. You can see more on the Kandersteg web site at

If you want to remind yourself of the pictures that came back from the 2005 expedition, the last time we went, you can see them by clicking on the picture below.


As we said at the various meetings, we now want to know how many of our members are interested in taking part. To confirm that you want to take part, or to let us know that you would rather not take part, please return the printed slip on the bottom of the notice that we have sent out at the presentation evenings. If you have lost your letter, or were absent on that night, we have placed a copy, in PDF format, below, which includes the return slip. Please can we have all responses by 4th December 2009, so that we have plenty of time to make our plans for proceeding.

Please can you return all forms to either Tim Booth or Chris Ramsay directly, or via your section leader. If you have any further questions, please ask Tim – or Chris –

We look forward to receiving your replies – it’s going to be a great expedition.

Tim Booth & Chris Ramsay