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Scouts: Scout Code of Conduct

The Scout Code of Conduct was drawn up by Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders.  All scouts are expected to adhere to the code.  


Code of Conduct


1.       Listen to what you are being told and carry out instructions,
once set


2.       Respect other people, including the Leaders, P.L.s and A.P.L.s


3.       Do not talk back to anyone, including Leaders, P.L.s and


4.       Respect other people’s property at all times


5.       Do not bully other members of the troop


6.       Do not throw things, e.g. sticks, stones e.t.c.


7.       Do not bring knives, including pocket
knives, unless told to


8.       Fall in at appropriate times (7.15pm)


9.       Always attend the troop meetings looking
smart and wearing the uniform correctly


10.     Do not talk during Flag Break


Do not use foul language


Do not leave the Scout Hut unless with
a leader, parent/guardian or for activities/games


Make sure your parent/guardian picks
you up from the entrance hall in the Scout Hut


14.     Follow the ‘Four Strikes Rule’


The 4 Strike Rule

1 strike Verbal Warning

2 strikes either a camp ban
for 2 camps or 2 activities of the leaders choice.

3 strikes Suspended for 1

4 strikes asked to leave
the group.



If you have any other
concerns, please let either your P.L. know, or talk to a Leader you trust.