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Scouts: The Three Towers Hike 2010

We need to put in names of those Scouts who wish to take part in the Three Towers Hike, which this coming year takes place on Saturday 10th April. Last year was an incredibly successful event for 1st Finch, with a win in the Scout event and second place in the Classic event plus RECORDS for the fastest female scout and fastest finishing Classic pair EVER! Even our youngest, least experienced Scout team came in just over half way down the finishing order which was an immense achievement, and no Scout even thought about wanting to retire early – all thanks to good planning and preparation in the weeks beforehand. We had glorious weather on the day and all the Scouts who entered the event thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Now it’s time to start thinking about entering teams for the 2010 event. It would be really nice if we could defend our title successfully, but let’s not forget that the event is all about helping Scouts to develop their self confidence, team work and awareness of their capabilities, as well as having fun of course!

Last year we entered 3 Classic teams (leaders and parents) as well as 5 Scout teams. It would be great if we could have at least as many teams entered this year. We will also need leaders and parents to volunteer to help with the training in the weeks and months leading up to the event and to be the support crews on the day. For example, part of the training will be to involve Scouts to familiarise themselves with the route by cycling the bridleway parts of it using mountain bikes, at the same time earning themselves the Mountain Bike badge.

If you want to take part, contact your Scout Leader NOW, so that we can get the teams organised and arrange the start of training.

Note: For all those who have registered and entered, you can now see (and download) the training schedule by clicking here. Please put all the training dates in your diaries.