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Snowy Three Towers Training Hike, Sunday 17th March 2013

In preparation for the Three Towers hike race on the 20th April we have been running a series of training hikes, so that the Scouts can improve their fitness and knowledge of the course. This way we hope they will stand a better chance of not getting lost and being able to finish the event.


We had a very cold and wet training hike on the 17th March, with the rain unexpectedly turning to snow on the higher parts of the course that we practiced on. Underfoot the ground was very muddy following the recent torrential rain. Despite this, the Scouts managed to complete 15km, which is over half of the total course. Let’s hope for better conditions on the 20th April!

For further details of the event, see:

Ian Montandon

ASL, Greenfinch Troop