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The Three Peaks Challenge: Live Update page: 29th – 30th June 2009.

Don’t forget we’re doing this for a reason!

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We’ll be updating this page throughout the Three Peaks Challenge.

To recap, 8 of the leaders (with another 4 leaders as support crew) will be attempting to climb the three highest mountains in Scotland (Ben Nevis, 1394 m), England (Scafell Pike, 978 m) and Wales (Snowdon, 1085 m) within a 24 hour period. The official timings we’ve worked out that we can do are below. There isn’t enough time. The leaders will have to work very hard to get ahead of the schedule and complete the challenge. Live updates are here. We’ll try and add pictures if the technology allows.


Updates from Twitter

During the event, we kept up a running commentary using Twitter. A copy of the archived Tweets that we made are presented here.

# Thursday 1430: Pictures of the Three Peaks Challenge are now online at 02 July 2009 14:25:02 via web

# Wednesday 1800: All team now home and safe. Thanks to everyone who followed us and those who sponsored us. Pictures on the web site Thurs. 01 July 2009 19:11:54 via web

# Wednesday 1100: A long drive back from North Wales today. Back home this evening. 01 July 2009 10:50:09 via txt

# Don’t forget this challenge is for a reason. Please donate at Thank you. 30 June 2009 17:45:48 via txt

# Tuesday 1730: Apologies for thee delay in reporting – as anybody who travels in mountain areas is aware, mobile signals are irregular. 30 June 2009 17:38:10 via txt

# Tuesday 1650: They finished! A total time of 23:49:48 – a fantastic achievement. Well done to the entire team. 30 June 2009 17:35:17 via txt

# Tuesday 1515: walking party on the summit of Snowdon. Will they be able to get down 8km in the 105 minutes they have left? 30 June 2009 15:44:27 via txt

# Tuesday 1330: Car park full at Pen-y-pass & no mobile signal so drivers will wait elsewhere. 30 June 2009 13:44:16 via txt

# Tuesday 1312: Everybody off the bus and go! The walkers need to run up and down Snowdon very fast. 30 June 2009 13:30:30 via txt

# Tuesday 1242: traffic delays on A55. Team getting boots on before we arrive to maximize the chances of completion. Estimated arrival 1315. 30 June 2009 12:45:41 via txt

# Tuesday 0845: setting off for Wales 30 June 2009 09:42:10 via txt

# Tuesday 0820: walking team arriving at Wasdale. Travelling on to Pen-y-pass, North Wales. 30 June 2009 09:34:11 via txt

# Tuesday 0635: Walkers arrived at summit of Scafell Pikes. 30 June 2009 09:34:07 via txt

# Tuesday 0525: Driving team arrived at Wasdale Head, The Lake District 30 June 2009 09:34:02 via txt

# Don’t forget this challenge is for a reason. Please donate at Thank you. 30 June 2009 04:08:56 via txt

# Tuesday 0345: Team left for Scafell Pikes. 30 June 2009 04:08:49 via txt

# Tuesday 0330: Arrived at Seathwaite, The Lake District. Walking team getting ready to start. 30 June 2009 04:08:43 via txt

# Tuesday 0045: Driver charge M73 outside Glasgow 30 June 2009 00:48:48 via txt

# Monday 2139: Walking team are back at the base of Ben Nevis . Driving on to the Lake District . 29 June 2009 21:40:29 via txt

# Monday 2110: Team report they are 20 minutes from returning to the mountain base. Ready to move on. 29 June 2009 21:13:24 via txt

# Monday 1951: Team reaches summit of Ben Nevis – well ahead of schedule. Very well done! 29 June 2009 19:55:24 via txt

# Monday 1700: And they’re off. A tight group moving purposefully up the hill and over the first rise. We’ll hear from them again later. 29 June 2009 17:10:10 via txt

# Monday 1630: 30 minutes to go. Boots on, socks pulled up, move on to the start post. 29 June 2009 16:34:17 via txt

# Monday 1550: The team has now assembled at the bottom of Ben Nevis ready to start their challenge. Getting the gear together and watering up 29 June 2009 15:53:25 via txt

# Monday 1300: Team in Fort William town relaxing before the walking starts. 29 June 2009 12:53:54 via txt

# Monday 0830: Lovely sunny warm morning in Glen Nevis. Clear mountain tops. First pictures on the web site. Challenge starts in 8 hours. 29 June 2009 09:00:27 via txt

# Sunday 2200: Still fully light here, warm enough to sit outside if you like the midges. 28 June 2009 22:17:46 via txt

# Sunday 1915: Slight delay while we get to the correct side of Glen Nevis. Need better navigation on the challenge tomorrow. 28 June 2009 19:18:05 via txt

# Sunday 1845: Finally arriving at Fort William, Northern Scotland. Dinner has been arranged by Dave H locally. Only just time to get there. 28 June 2009 18:44:37 via txt

# Sunday 1630: The team is now passing Loch Lomond. Still travelling north. About 80 miles to go. 28 June 2009 16:41:08 via txt

# Sunday 1420: Break at Lockerbie, southern Scotland. A beautiful summer day all the way through England. It’s still warm up here. 28 June 2009 14:22:32 via txt

# Sunday 1010: Breakfast in Stafford. Slow journey in the minibus. 28 June 2009 10:12:45 via txt

# 0715 Sunday: So we’ve set off for Scotland to start the challenge. We expect to get to Fort Wiliam early this evening. 28 June 2009 07:19:04 via txt

# We’ll be leaving to start the challenge at 7a.m. on Sunday 28th June. Updates here on the journey up as well. 25 June 2009 15:09:53 via web

# Final planning meeting to check our timings tonight. Update with our start times tomorrow. 23 June 2009 12:20:53 via txt

# The JustGiving web site for the challenge is now active. Please go to to donate. 12 June 2009 19:02:54 via web

# Tonight the Leader team has further hill training in the Berkshire Downs. Hope the weather is better than last week. 09 June 2009 14:57:48 via web

# Today some of the Leaders are training for the Three Peaks Challenge in the mountains of South Wales. Hope they make it through the rain. 06 June 2009 19:14:49 via web

# This feed was set up for major events, starting with the 3 Peaks Challenge this month. It created by the usual suspect, for those wondering. 04 June 2009 16:48:35 via web


If you want to see previous messages, please go to the twitter page at or follow us directly @1finch on Twitter.

Our approximate timings (all in BST) are:

Monday 29th June    
5.00 pm Start climbing Ben Nevis We’ll be starting from Glen Nevis, close to Fort William in north-west Scotland. Grid reference: NN 122 729
9.00 pm Get to the summit of Ben Nevis (1394 m) Grid Reference: NN 166 712
11.00 pm Return to minibus. Start driving to the Lake District
Tuesday 30th June    
4.30 am Arrive Seathwaite. Start climbing Scafell Pikes Seathwaite is in the northern Lake District (close to the Copper Mine for those who went to Scout Camp 2007). Grid Reference: NY 236 121
7.30 am Get to the summit of Scafell Pikes (978 m) Grid Reference: NY 215 072
9.00 am Return to minibus at Wasdale Head

The minibus will be driving to the other side of the Lake District to
pick up the walkers as it’s a faster way down. Grid Reference: NY 183 073

Then start driving to North Wales.

2.00 pm Arrive Pen-Y-Pass. Start climbing Snowdon Pen-Y-Pass is on the south-east side of the Snowdonia mountains in North Wales. Grid reference: SH 647 556
4.30 pm Get to the summit of Snowdon (1085m) Grid Reference: SH 609 543
5.30 pm Return to Pen-Y-Pass Finished. We can all go and lie down somewhere.

As you may be able to work out from these timings, the leaders need to make up 30 minutes on what they estimate they can do.

Will they make it?? Keep watching on this live update page, where we’ll put a full running commentary during the challenge.

And don’t forget we’re doing this for a reason!

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