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The Three Towers Hike – congratulations on the fantastic results

Well done to all our teams in this year’s Three Towers Hike on Saturday.

Our teams won the Scout, the Scout Classic and the Explorer events, which is a fabulous result. 

Our other teams, both in these events and the Classic and Jubilee events, also did extremely well, coming up towards the top of the lists. Members from the GSLs and Treasurers to Scouts that have only recently come up from the packs have taken part.

Thank you to all the leaders and parents who organised and supported the event

Our teams results in full:

Scout Event (25 km) (61 teams started)

1st 4 Hr 33 Min Finch Flying Foxes Sam Moors, Jake Taylor, Rory Leach
5th 4 Hr 54 Min Finch Leaping Lizards Nicholas Smith, Will Daviit, James Popplestone
12th 5 Hr 52 Min Finch Bounding Badgers Ella Sehringer, Stevie Kennington, Jenna Moors

Scout Plus Event (40 km) (9 teams started)

1st 6 Hr 08 Min Finch Flying Squirrels Amber Hasler, Dan WIlliams, Ben Fletcher

Explorer Event (45 km) (13 teams started)

1st 8 Hr 47 Min Flying Finches Jess Fletcher, Matt Hillman, Lukas Sehringer
3rd 9 Hr 26 Min Finch Fast Three Will Judge, Matt Popplestone, Ben Rollinson
4th 9 Hr 34 Min Finch Sloth Charlotte Judge, Milly Carter, Anna Davitt

Jubilee Event (18 km) (15 teams started)

2nd 2 Hr 54 Min Finch 1st Wives Club Fiona Judge, Helen Hasler, Lis Ramsay
3rd 3 Hr 06 Min Could have Dunn Moor James Dunn, Alison Moors, Andy Moors
5th 3 Hr 20 Min Finch Amblers Greg Sehringer, Magdalene Sehringer, Carole Williams

Classic Event (70 km) (28 teams started)

3rd 11 Hr 14 Min The Stock Brothers Chris Stephens, Jamie Stock, Ali Stock
4th 11 Hr 37 Min Finch Wanders Ian Montandon, Howard Leach, Lewis Wilson
5th 11 Hr 56 Min And Mother Makes Three Julie Rollinson, Sarah Marshall, Sam Marshall
Partially Retired 11 Hr 30 Min Finch Flyers Dave Judge, Chris Ramsay, Simon Hasler