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Training Dates for Three Towers Hike 2013 and Kit Lists

The following training dates have been announced for the Three Towers hike. Please note that all SCOUTS need to participate in at least TWO training sessions, so that they are familiar with the route, have achieved a basic level of fitness and have had the chance to test/ break in their kit.

Please look at the dates, decide NOW which training sessions your Scout will participate in and then let me know please.

MEET: 8am, The CALIFORNIA COUNTRY PARK car park. Depart: 8.15am promptly – phone if you will be arriving late or risk getting left behind!



Walking boots

Waterproofs Jacket & Trousers

Walking trousers (NO JEANS PLEASE!)

Consider wearing a base layer top and bottom if it’s gong to be cold 

 Gaiters if you have them

fleece (keep a spare warm top in your rucsack in case you get cold or wet)

hat & Gloves

Bivi Bag or foil blanket

Hot Drink

Cold Drink

packed lunch



Sunday 24th Feb: Scout Part 1

Sunday March 3rd: Explorer Part 1

SATURDAY 9th March (Sunday 10th is Mothers’ Day):
Explorer Part 2

Sunday 17th March: Scout Part 2

Sunday 24th March: Explorer
Part 3

Friday 29th March to Monday 1st April: EASTREK

Sunday 7th April: Scout
(whole route)

Sunday 14th April: BACKUP in case of cancellation – Scout and
Explorer routes.

Saturday 20th April: THREE TOWERS HIKE EVENT




1) Scout: This training is for Scout event participants (and Scout Plus
ones for Part 1). It will follow the Scout route.

2) Explorer: For Classic, Explorer participants (and Scout Plus
participants for Part 1). It will follow the Classic/ Explorer route.

3) Jubilee hikers will be dropped off and picked up
separately by Ian B and will need to agree which of the training dates they
will come along with us.

4) We will need some Adults to volunteer to hike with the
Scouts please (in addition to their own Classic route commitments if they are doing
the Classic event).


Kit List:

Please look at the hike website for details:


 Thank you.


Ian Montandon

ASL, Greenfinch Troop