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Willows Beavers Hike to Odiham Castle and Greywell

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We set out at 10.00 am from the Swan Inn at North Warnborough in lovely weather with 17 Beavers, 1 Scout and a good selection of parents and helpers.  The navigation down to the canal side was a little interesting with a puhchair but we all made it safely without getting wet and we proceeded along the canal past the lifting bridge to Odiham Castle.

The Beavers explored the castle and answered a few quiz questions – when they could see the information panels (note to leader – bring clip boards next time!).

Then the weather changed for a while….  We proceeded under the cover of the trees looking at the splashes in the canal and not really needing coats.  By the time we got to Greywell it was clear and despite hearing a big plop along the way, we still had 17 Beavers and 1 Scout!

Greywell is a lovely old village and we stopped for a short lunch break near the river when, of course, it started to rain.  A few trees and bushes provided enough cover before we returned along the route of the canal back to the Swan Inn to finish just after midday.