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Willows Night Hike

This year we decided to venture a little further afield for the night hike so we headed off to Simon’s Wood.  Fifteen Beavers and possibly more adults and siblings turned up on a very cold evening for the 1.5 mile walk.  The initial talk set the scene regarding bushes and a little mud that the route would largely avoid; we set off slightly off track into lovely squelchy mud!

All wildlife (other than Beavers) rapidly departed the scene but we had a good opportunity to see the moon and stars on the way.  Mark Winter kindly brought along a thermal imaging camera to show us how cold the night was and how warm the Beavers were in contrast.  A few of the shots are shown below and there are more available on Flickr.  Just click on the pictures below; the rest are stored in the Flickr Willows Beaver Set. 

Thank you to all the adults and young leaders for coming out on such a cold evening, hopefully you all enjoyed it.

[flickr-photo:id=4329271881,size=m]   [flickr-photo:id=4329271655,size=m]  [flickr-photo:id=4329271567,size=m]