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Wokingham Winter Carnival – 2nd December

The group was well represented at the winter carnival with 3 floats entering, the first time each section has had a float.

The Beavers were fantastic as 101 Dalmatians and some leaders have clearly missed their vocation in life – who was that Cruella De Ville!!! But who did "let the dogs out"?

 True to the roots of cub scouting the 2 packs put on the Jungle Book and sang their way round Wokingham to the strains of I wanna be like you and I’m the king of the swingers.

 The Scouts went back to the 50’s, slicked back their hair and found a few pink ladies to put on a great performance of Grease, perfectly aided by two 57 Chevvy’s which were a great hit with the Scouts who got to rise in them.

 Many thanks to those who braved the rain in the morning to decorate the lorries and tunr them from flat bed trucks into works of art….well nearly.

 Fortunately the sun shone in the afternoon and the crowds flcoked out to see us driving through the town. The cubs even got a mention in the local paper, not for the quality of the float but for throwing paper stuffed bin liner balls [did they not realise they were fruit] at the crowds. At least were famous for something.

 The new group banners, in striking red, yellow and green, adorned the side of the trucks and these will be great sset for the future as we continue to promote the group.

No prizes this time….but a great time was hade by all.

So the costumes and the face paints have gone away for 2007 but we all look forward to coming back next year….bigger and better than before!!!