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1st Finchampstead at the Three Towers Hike 2007

The Scouts were out in force at the Three Towers Hike last weekend. This is a gruelling hike over the Berkshire Downs, with different distances for the different age ranges.



Three Scout teams completed the Junior Hike, a distance of 24 km.

  • Daniel McGill, Matthew McWiggan and Helena Tipper in 5 hours 44 minutes.
  • Tom Dodington, Stuart Davies and Daniel Phillips in 5 hours 45 minutes.
  • Philip Walsh-Atkins, Paul Moore and Robert Grey in 6 hours 36 minutes.

In the Senior Hike, a distance of 70 km

Simon Gosden, Chris Ramsay and Dave Judge (your leaders!) completed the hike in 12 hours 56 minutes in 4th place overall abd won the award for the fastest team from outside Reading and Pang Calley Districts.

In addition, Jess Paine completed the Senior hike in 15 hours 2 minutes (but the rest of her team dropped out!).

Well done all of you – it's a long, long way.

Full details will, eventually, be on the Three Towers web site .