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Leopards Cubs – Athlete Badge

At the July 3rd meeting of Leopards Cubs the Athlete Activity Badge was staged. All the cubs had a great time tackling the events and had lots of fun sprinting, jumping, throwing and skipping to achieve the best scores possible to pass the badge.

A results 'flyer' is on the noticeboard at Finchbase listing the requirements and some of the high achievers along with those who successfully managed to gain the badge.

Badgers Pack Bring-A-Friend evening – Wednesday 27th June

As part of Scouting's Centenary celebrations, the Badgers pack held a bring-a-friend evening last night. Their guests took part in a Wide Game and a camp fire – I hope they all enjoyed themselves.

If any of our guests have found their way here and are reading this, enjoyed themselves and want to join, please click on Joining Us for more details.

The Centenary Camp Report and Pictures

Along with a quarter of a million other Scouts, Explorers, Cub Scouts, Beaver Scouts and Leaders around Britain we took part in the Centenary Camp over the Spring Bank Holiday. And, with all those others, we got very wet and there was a wind!

Centenary St George’s Day Parade – Sunday 29th April 2007 – and photos!

Thank you to all of you who attended this afternoon's parade. Well done for a good smart turnout – I hope you all gained something from Baden-Powell's message to you.


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Scout Canoeing taster session – April 2007

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Some of the Scouts enjoyed a taster session of canoeing at the Waterside Centre last Sunday.

We hope that a full course will be run later in the Summer. More photos in the Activities photo gallery.


Sad news from the District

It is with great sadness that we must report the sudden passing away of Paul Goss, the District Treasurer, last week.

Those in the group who have been sailing with us at Taplow will have known Paul well as someone who was always there, showing us the ropes and making sure that all the equipment was ready every time.

Our thoughts and sympathies go to his family at this sad time.

1st Finchampstead at the Three Towers Hike 2007

The Scouts were out in force at the Three Towers Hike last weekend. This is a gruelling hike over the Berkshire Downs, with different distances for the different age ranges.



Three Scout teams completed the Junior Hike, a distance of 24 km.

  • Daniel McGill, Matthew McWiggan and Helena Tipper in 5 hours 44 minutes.
  • Tom Dodington, Stuart Davies and Daniel Phillips in 5 hours 45 minutes.
  • Philip Walsh-Atkins, Paul Moore and Robert Grey in 6 hours 36 minutes.

In the Senior Hike, a distance of 70 km

Simon Gosden, Chris Ramsay and Dave Judge (your leaders!) completed the hike in 12 hours 56 minutes in 4th place overall abd won the award for the fastest team from outside Reading and Pang Calley Districts.

In addition, Jess Paine completed the Senior hike in 15 hours 2 minutes (but the rest of her team dropped out!).

Well done all of you – it's a long, long way.

Full details will, eventually, be on the Three Towers web site .

Cub Scout Orienteering


Congratulations to the two teams of Cub Scouts who took part in the District Orienteering event last Saturday, organised by Berkshire Orienteers at Bloom Wood near Marlow. Whilst neither team won, they all enjoyed the event. There will be more next year!

Full results of the orienteering are on the Berkshire Orienteers web site at


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Cub Scouts ‘win’ at the District Quiz

Congratulations  to all those Cub Scouts who took part in the District Quiz on 10th March.


Whilst none or our full teams won, a joint team from 1st Finchampstead and  1st Swallowfield with James Flynn were runners-up and a joint team from 1st Finchampstead and 1st Winnersh with Alex Mitchell won the competition.


The winners will go forward to the County Competiton on 28th April – hope they can prove they're best there as well. 

Cub Scout pancake cooking – February 2007

Both packs were cooking pancakes this month. Not all pancakes were edible, but all of them got eaten!.

More pancake pictures can be seen by clicking on the picture below